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Greg Easson and Hal Robinson
The University of Mississippi Geoinformatics Center


Promote and facilitate geospatial data usage, research and collaboration among the geospatial community in Mississippi while fostering national and international cooperation.


The State of Mississippi is home to a broad spectrum of academic, federal, state, and public sector users of remotely sensed data. Originally supported by the University of Mississippi Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS), a cluster of programs and companies working to further develop the geospatial industry in Mississippi. With more than 35 high-technology companies and six research programs, EIGS encompassed both geospatial science and business. By supporting both entrepreneurs and researchers from universities throughout the state. The University of Mississippi strives to make Mississippi a leader in the U.S. geospatial and remote sensing industry and provides its industry cluster members with access to geospatial and remote sensing research and students. The program was established in 2003 to provide similar but enhanced support previously provided by its predecessor, the Mississippi Space Commerce Initiative (MSCI).

As a member of the America View program, the University of Mississippi has tasked the University of Mississippi Geoinformatics Center (UMGC) to lead the operation and development of the StateView Consortium (MSView) project at the University of Mississippi.

Imagery Website

Mississippi View is a UMGC sponsored application funded in part by a grant from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) – America View Project. The goal of the project is to provide researchers and businesses an "imagery warehouse" of satellite and aerial photography that is freely available for download from the UMGC archives.

By integrating web mapping and relational database technologies, users have been provided two different methods to search the archive. The first is a simple selection by sensor platform and the identification of an "area of interest". The second method involves a set of predefined search parameters of the image attribute information which will query the dataset and highlight the location of any imagery matching the search criteria

Figure 1: MississippiView Website

Figure 1: MississippiView Website

Educational Outreach

UMGC and OleMiss sponsor various outreach activities ranging from seminars at local schools to certified training courses offered to the general public and the University communities.

Figure 2: Saltillo High School (one of the two 2010 competition winners)

Figure 2: Saltillo High School (one of the two 2010 competition winners)

MARS 2010 – the Mississippi Area Remapping Strategies project was kicked off in the fall of 2009 and concluded this year at a state meeting held in Jackson, MS in April 2010. This year's program saw the participation of 13 schools with over 120 students. The MARS program is a high school adoption program with Mississippi high schools. The program was funded through EIGS in cooperation with the Institutes of Higher Learning. America View funding is utilized to support center personnel and cover travel and publication expenses associated with the program. The participating high schools work with university/community college partners to design and complete a community-based geospatial information science and technology (GIS&T) project.

This year saw a variety of projects ranging from fire hydrant mapping to 911 address corrections. Independent judging placed two schools within one point of each other and it was decided to award both schools with their choice of Trimble GeoXM or a new laptop. Lake Cormorant High School in Desoto County, conducted a mapping project helping local emergency management officials correct 911 addressing locations in rural parts of the county. Saltillo High School in Lee County conducted a project creating a map for the local chamber of commerce as well as the board of tourism in Tupelo Mississippi which located and classified restaurants by their potential to contain food allergens. MSView personnel mentored the project and created a web-mapping application for the data.

Other Activities

UMGC and EIGS sponsor other activities and projects across the state including:

  • State-wide licensing program procurement and management for the ESRI, Leica and ITT software licensing. Estimated FY2010 $25 million in licensing savings for University and Community College systems.
  • Community and University based Research projects. Support of student projects ranging from rural water association support to change analysis in local communities.
  • Mississippi Emergency Management Agency GIS Disaster Response Support. UMGC and affiliated groups supported and continue to support the state of Mississippi in response to events such as Hurricane Katrina, including upcoming plans for a national planning exercise simulating a major earthquake in the New Madrid Fault Zone.
  • Institutes of Higher Learning Geospatial Council. UMGC represents the University of Mississippi on the IHL Geospatial Council, coordinating and collaborating with other IHL institutions.
  • Center Funded Research. UMGC is an independently funded center which conducts research on projects funded by NASA, the Dept. of Energy, the Dept. of Interior, the Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Highways Administration and other organizations and agencies.


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